2020…wow.  Not what any of us were expecting.  I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted on here so I wanted to say I hope you are all well, and have adjusted to this new way of doing things.  You can find a big detailed post I did about my 2020 HERE.

Here are some of the things we were able to accomplish in lock-down.  We do hope you enjoy checking out any of them you might have missed.

Weekly #TogetherAtHome #OpenMic events.  Visit the Matt Zaddy Facebook Page for past episodes.

Hazel A Celebration: 100 Years in the Making
Heather Christine and I performed with Arlene Paculan a rendition of Nobody Does it Better for Hazel McCallion’s 100th Birthday Celebration.  You can watch just our performance HERE.

River North Christmas Special sponsored by Nurse Next Door Mississauga.  Skip to the 09:30 mark to where the show starts.

Sauga Music Now
A 3 band show with The Messaround, One in the Chamber, & Matt Zaddy with a full band.  This was my ownly full band show since the pandemic.  Watch just our performance HERE.

Interview & Performance on The Tom & Rick Show

Mississauga Music Awards 2020 where I received Album of the Year for Be.  Watch my specific award presentation HERE.

Video Release for This Too Shall Pass, the first original single from River North (duo with Heather Christine)

Guitar Shop Canada with Matt Zaddy YouTube Series:
1. 10 Tips for Making Better Music Videos from your Phone
2. Phone Music Video Setup Tutorial
3. Music Practice Tips to Save You Time
4. Fabulous Four Chord Progressions

There are a bunch of other things we did during the year, but these came to mind as the best.  I hope you enjoy, more things are in the works.

Wishing you all the very best my friends, stay safe and I hope to see you soon…in person!