Hey all! I hope you are all doing well.  It’s spring, and I gotta say I’m feeling good.  The last few months have been….difficult, but there’s a good feeling in the air.  Things are getting better.  And I realized I have not played an original show in some time.  That being said, it’s about time!
Join me Fri. May 21st at 8pm EDT for my first original show of 2021! Private show on zoom to celebrate my birthday, and to share some music and love. #FolkRock, #rhythmandblues, my tunes and some favourites 🙂 a great way to start off the long weekend!
Special guest appearance by Heather Christine & #TootstheCat! Hope you can make it!
Suggested donation of $10.00, but you are welcome to donate more if you wish!